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DevOps and Cloud

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DevOps Consulting

DevOps, with its seamless integration of tools and processes, is the driving force behind organizational success. Our DevOps services build a powerful bridge between development and operations, unleashing innovation also by aligning the right tools to specific needs. This Integration helps businesses to optimize efficiency, drive innovation, and maintain a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving landscape."

Strategic Planning 🡪 Software Development 🡪 Automated Build and Packaging 🡪 Quality Assurance and Testing 🡪 Deployment Management 🡪 Deployment Automation Operations and Performance Monitoring 🡪 Continuous Improvement and Feedback Loops Security Integration 🡪 Regulatory Adherence 🡪 Process Documentation


DevOps and Cloud

We embrace the dynamic synergy between DevOps and cloud computing. This partnership accelerates software development in the cloud, allowing for rapid creation, testing, and deployment of updates. In a continually evolving landscape, DevOps ensures organizations remain responsive and competitive. Multidisciplinary teams use cloud resources efficiently, making DevOps a cornerstone for the success of cloud application development, especially in the XaaS delivery model.

dev ops and cloud management .jpg
about us - technology service company.jpg

DevOps 2.0


LeeonTek takes a straightforward approach to upgrade your applications swiftly. With our rehosting strategy, we seamlessly move your existing applications to a better environment, often in the cloud. Our main goal is to bring you immediate benefits like improved scalability, cost-effectiveness, and better performance, all without making complex changes to your existing code. This is more than just keeping up with technology; it's about quickly adapting to your evolving business needs, laying a strong foundation for future improvements, and fostering a culture of ongoing innovation.


Elevate your applications to new heights with LeeonTek's refactoring expertise. We don't just upgrade code; we enhance the very essence of your apps for lasting performance. It’s like an investment to ensure your apps not only meet today's needs but are ready for whatever the future holds. With LeeonTek, we work together to make sure your apps are optimized, shaping a future where they work great and last a long time.


To elevate your applications, replatforming acts as the catalyst, enhancing their performance without fundamentally altering their core structure. This enhances their functionality, allowing them to leverage the latest advancements from modern platforms for a seamless and more efficient operation. For us, replatforming is a proactive approach to remain current with tech trends, ensuring our applications seamlessly align with the cutting-edge features of selected platforms. It's how we sustain competitiveness and provide you with an enhanced experience.



Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) emerges as a strategic discipline, seamlessly merging software engineering principles with robust IT operations.

Here’s how SRE can enhance your website performance:

1. Scalable Reliability

It makes sure your website stays reliable even when it gets busier. It keeps an eye on things, finding and fixing issues before they bother your visitors, even when lots of people are using your site.

2. Automated Efficiency

This enables clever automation to do routine tasks without needing someone to do them manually. This not only makes things work faster but also helps quickly fix problems, so your website is up and running smoothly.


3. Incident Response Excellence

If something unexpected happens, SRE has a plan. It looks at what went wrong, figures out how to fix it, and makes sure it won't happen again. It's like having a superhero that learns and gets better every time.


4. Continuous Performance Optimization

This is all about making sure your website runs really well. It's not just good; it's always getting better. Your visitors won't just be happy; they'll be impressed with how smoothly your site works.


5. Collaborative Synergy

It brings together the people who build your website and the ones who make sure it runs smoothly. It's like having a dream team working together to make sure your website is reliable and performs at its best

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